You are a woman of means.
Between the ages of 45 and 60.
By all accounts, you should have the world on a string.
But something happened.
Things went sideways.
There is a problem you need resolved or it will cost you everything -
Maybe even your life.
"I'm Mimi South, and I'm the one who makes problems go away. If you have not heard of me, it is a testament to my discretion. Am I the answer to your situation? There is only one way to find out..."

A woman calls when caught in a vindictive divorce from an abusive husband and her world is crumbling ...or she has a health scare ...or is downright suicidal ...or her daughter is keeping bad company...

Whatever the reason, she needs a magician to make the problem disappear.

For clients needing help with a delicate situation, know this: I will fight for you; I will guide you, and carry you through. Put yourself in my hands and I will solve the problem. Period. But please note, I am not for everyone.

I have very limited bookings, so unless there is now no choice but to make a change please don't call me in.

If acting at this time will cause a financial burden on your family, don't call me in.

If you will vacillate when I lob a grenade into your status quo, don't call me in, because I am willing to blow up your life to save it.

But if it is the case that you have reached the point where you would rather die than continue on as things are ~ or perhaps you *are* going to die if things continue as they are ~ arrange a free, no obligation phone conversation.

It doesn't matter how I get your results, only that I do. So contact me if you need me.

Mimi South ~ Developer of the Quantum Authenticity Program, Host of The Enlightened Campfire, and author of
Your Authentic Path - An Introduction
Bookings are usually by referral only, but an exception can be made in an emergency situation.
(An emergency is like pornography - you'll know it when you see it.)
Request A Confidential Conversation:
Also available on a very limited booking:
A mid-life makeover. "What would it be like to wake up each day living Your Ideal Life?"

What is the one thing you have always dreamed of doing?

That One Thing that would be the greatest regret on your death bed - that you longed for but never experienced.

Something is keeping you from doing that precious thing, blocking you from actually going after it.

I dig down inside you and find that block. And when I find it, I sweep it away!

We are then free to have you go after what would otherwise have been your greatest regret.

I welcome you to see how this program makes your ultimate life come true - faster than you ever thought possible.

"I realize now I was living everyone else's expectations. The pressure was killing me. No more!"  Isabella

Graphic representation for the visual types:
Your Life Now 
+ Me 
= Your New Life!
What does one say when asked, "So...what do you do?"
The only response that makes sense for me to say is,
"Blow up your world."
Well, to be specific, typically something or someone else
has already blown up your world.
I build you a new one.
Please enjoy this brief overview of the six primary emotional needs.

If you take an honest look at your life, you will see that everything you have done was to meet one or more of these needs...

In closing...
A quick point from the trail I felt needed to be said:
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